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Sportsman 2+2

$185K  excl. VAT

Aircraft Type: Glasair

TTSN: 630 hours

Engine: 370 TTSN

PROP: 630 hours TTSN


This Sportsman is Factory built, looks new and must be seen. Was Glasair factory demonstrator from 2009 – 2013 before coming to South Africa. Full Garmin with Garmin autopilot. 10/10 Aircraft.

1980 Mooney M20

$110K  excl. VAT

Aircraft Type: Mooney

TTSN: 3250 hours

Engine: 110 hours SMOH

PROP: 110 hours SPOH

Inspections: Current


Very neat and clean unit.

2007 Sportsman

R1,2m  excl. VAT

Aircraft Type: Glasair

TTSN: 780 hours

Engine: 780 hours

PROP: 780 hours

Inspections: Current MPI


Neat and well equipped.